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First and foremost, as a pylon judge you represent our organization and indirectly represent the Reno Air Race Association ("RARA"), the principle organizing body for event. With this privilege comes the heavy responsibility to conduct yourself in a professional manner at all times.

This incredible event has a very high profile in both the public and private sectors, with upwards of 250,000 people attending race week. While all day to day race operations are managed by highly-qualified individuals from a variety of professional backgrounds, we are nonetheless subject to oversight from governmental agencies, including among others, the Federal Aviation Administration. Given these and other factors it is imperative that while performing your duties as a pylon judge, you must comply with the time-tested rules and regulations which govern the event. Failure to do so will result in your immediate dismissal and removal from our ranks. There is no room for discussion or margin of error when you are tasked with officiating over a competition involving multi-million dollar aircraft, flown by some of the best pilots in the world, at speeds approaching 500 mph, 50 feet off the ground. Much is at stake here and you have a stake in making it both exciting and safe.

You will be expected to:

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