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Membership in our exclusive organization has many benefits that don't show up on your paycheck (this may be the place to mention we are all volunteers). Let's start with the premise that as a prospective pylon judge you either have a strong interest in machines that go fast and turn left - or you have a keen interest in standing out in the desert doing a "shade dance" while dodging scorpions and fast-moving aircraft.

Either way, your credentials will grant you access to many areas that are not accessible to a majority of individuals who attend the races. Along with the racing itself, Reno Air Races and Air Show is just that - an air show. In fact, each day from 0700hrs to 2000hrs there is rarely a time when there isn't some type of aircraft in the air; be it practicing, testing, qualifying, performing, or arriving and departing from the static display areas. Heat racing typically begins Wednesday at noon, and most military aircraft (static and performing) begin arriving on Wednesday afternoon after racing has closed for the day. From Wednesday noon through the last race on Sunday at 1800hrs, the Brietling Gold Unlimited Championship, each day will be filled with a wide variety of air show performers. Seems there's always something unique in the air! In many respects, this week will spoil every other air show you've ever attended...or ever will. And you are afforded a front-row seat to all the action!

Those facts alone are worth the price of admission, to be sure. But, it must always be tempered with the fact that you also have a job to do and people are counting on you to perform. That requires, among other things, that you know what your job is and how to do it to the best of your ability. In that vein, you can expect us to:

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